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The Friend


Using some textured paper, a variety of filters and plugins plus some layer masks in Photoshop. Original image can be found here: and the textured paper can be downloaded from here:…

Print available

Angry Note


Using a portrait from: – I liked the emotion in the face which I wanted to explore. I used a variety of filters and then used Topaz Labs Simplify to add a softer pastel effect. I then used Google Nik Software Analog Effects 2 Wet Plate Filter to create the surrounding marks.

Print available

Digital Ink Portrait


Using this image:… – I used a variety of filters and blend modes to create this illusion of a sketch on a notepad. You can download the notepad image file here:… – there is also a tutorial which will show you how to create the sketch:…

I completed the image by using Google Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro 2.

Prints available

Digital Ink Sketch


Notebook paper can be downloaded here:… – I used the following image….

The tutorial can be found…

It involves the use of Smart Filters to create the effect of a drawing on notepaper, it is quite effective.

Prints available

Impressive Trees


Using an image of some trees, I created a reflection. I then used Topaz Labs Simplify to add the painterly effect. I applied the CS6 Old Paint Filter to bring out the effect even more. I then used Topaz Labs ReStyle to change the colours a little. I used a sponge brush on a layer mask to bring back some of the original colours. You can see that impressionism is a big influence in my work.

Print available

Cat’s Eyes


Original image found here:…
First sketching the image so that I am using my own lines and marks. I used Topaz Labs Simplify and ReStyle. I then added a frame using the Google Nik Collection Analog Efex Pro 2.

Print available

Forest Magic


Original image can be obtained here: – I used a variety of filters to create the painterly effect and the colours.

Print of this image available here

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